Community Comment: Hurricane disasters, Michigan Education & Detroit Town Hall

Posted at 4:58 PM, Sep 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-21 16:58:43-04

Once again, it’s time for our Community Comments.  Our editorial about the hurricane disaster in Texas and Florida, prompted this reaction.  Jason Holmes said:

“I agree with your comment that we are ‘one America’ and must pitch in to help our fellow man whatever state is impacted by this tragedy.”

Arline Reynolds wrote:

“I have family in Texas and this storm has severely changed their lives.  They lost practically everything but thank fully they are still alive and have each other.”

Our editorial about preparing Michigan students for a successful school year triggered a lot of comments.  Beth Friedman said:

“Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than making sure your children go to school each day with food in their stomach, the proper amount of rest and their homework done!”

Daniel Washington writes:

“Michigan must do better in educating our kids.  We are falling behind many other states and that’s a shame.  We have some of the greatest universities in the world.  Let’s do the same with our K through 12 public schools.”

And finally, this e-mail about our Town Hall meeting in Detroit.  “Love your town hall meetings.  That’s true community engagement, Channel 7. ”

  • Gary Washburn

That’s it for now, thanks for writing and watching.  I’m C.S.