Community Comment: United Way for S.E. MI campaign & getting out to vote

Posted at 8:10 AM, Nov 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-06 08:10:27-04

WXYZ DETROIT — Our editorial about supporting the United Way for Southeastern Michigan drew this reaction.

Chris Rounsifer wrote:

“Don’t waste your money! There are better charities that don’t have CEOs and minions.”

But another viewer said:

“I have experienced the United Way’s help firsthand. That organization was a lifesaver for my family when we needed it most.”

  • Al Foster

Another viewer sent us this comment:

“Hats off to the United Way for using its clout to combine the resources of the corporate and nonprofit communities to do good for this region. Stay united!”

  • Kim Davidson 

Our station editorial urging people to get out and vote on General Election Day prompted mixed comments. Craig Wise sent us a short message on Facebook. He wrote:

“Only (a) few go.”

Another Channel 7 viewer said:

“Voter turnout will be light in this off election year. It always is and that’s not good. But I’m glad TV-7 is doing the right thing, reminding voters to go to the polls.”

  • D. Matthews

One of our loyal Canadian viewers made this observation:
“Americans take their freedom for granted more than we do. I think we take our right to vote more seriously. That’s why we have higher voter turnout. Still, there’s room for improvement here too.”

  • Dorothy Riley

Back on this side of the Detroit River, Andrea Schulz said:
“Too many voters are afraid their ballots don’t really count.”

And finally, this viewer comment:

“Don’t let anyone take away your right to vote and don’t forget to use it. It’s the best weapon we all have.”

  • E. Armstrong

That’s it for now. Thanks for watching!
I’m Chuck Stokes, Editorial Director
Broadcast: November 4 - 7, 2021