WXYZ Editorial: Channel 7 pays tribute to our veterans and National Military Appreciation Month

Posted at 7:31 PM, May 26, 2022

WXYZ DETROIT — It started as a simple but powerful idea. Dedicate one month out of the year to honor and recognize past and present members of our armed forces. In 1999, Congress officially designated May as National Military Appreciation Month. Every year, the President issues a proclamation urging Americans to celebrate the service of those who have sacrificed for our freedom.

May was chosen because it already had several days set aside that pay tribute to military achievements. They include Loyalty Day, V-E Day, Armed Forces Day, Children of Fallen Patriot’s Day, and Memorial Day, to name a few.

We hope people will support Military Appreciation Month with local initiatives designed to focus public attention on military servants and their families. We also encourage all citizens and employers in metro Detroit to find ways to say “thank you” to our veterans. Let them know how much we appreciate their service to our country. We also want to honor and remember the men and women who have died, paying the ultimate sacrifice, while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

We invite you to watch a special Channel 7 Spotlight on the News broadcast this Sunday morning at 10 o’clock. Hosted by Editorial Director Chuck Stokes, he’ll talk with local military officers about the importance of their service to America.

As you celebrate Memorial Day this weekend with family and friends, traditionally marking the beginning of summer, please remember to honor and recognize our military veterans who so bravely served our country.

I’m Mike Murri, V.P. & General Manager
Broadcast: May 26 - 29, 2022