WXYZ Editorial: Learning from the Detroit '67 exhibit and movie

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Another powerful slice of Detroit’s 50th anniversary civil unrest hits the big screen nationwide this weekend!  Detroit, the gripping 1967 story of police terrorizing guests at the Algiers Motel is a dark chapter in our city’s history.  Three innocent African American men were killed, nine others were beaten.   

We hope you don’t let your emotions and information about a true American story end with this dramatic movie.  Use it as an opportunity to learn more about Detroit’s past and future.  One of the best places to do that is at the Detroit Historical Museum.  We at WXYZ are proud to partner with them on “Detroit ’67: Perspectives,” a 3-year interactive exhibit that explores 5 decades of this region’s history. 

“The story that is told in the exhibit was formed by over 500 oral histories that were collected.  So, it’s very comprehensive, and very diverse, and very inclusive.”   

- Museum Executive Director & CEO Bob Bury

 The entire ambitious project took over 100 community partners.   

“Our hope is, 20, 50 years from now, history tells a different story on how we were able to make some decisions by being informed on our history to do things differently.” 

- Project Director Marlowe Stoudamire

Included in the exhibit are three WXYZ videos that realistically highlight our past history as well as the positive changes helping to move Southeast Michigan forward!  Through this partnership, all of us can learn, take action to inspire people, and unify this region into a stronger and more vibrant community admired throughout the world!  

I’m Mike Murri, Vice President & General Manager

Broadcast: August 3 - 6, 2017





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