WXYZ Editorial: TV-7 honors the 2022 Brightest & Best high school graduates

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jun 02, 2022

WXYZ DETROIT — It’s a Channel 7 tradition that has been going on for years, but it never gets old. For the 43rd consecutive year, we are honored to pay tribute to Southeast Michigan’s Brightest & Best high school graduates.

These young men and women have earned the highest academic achievement to be at the top of their class! We now have the pleasure of sharing their success stories with the world. All summer long, video tributes will showcase their names, photos, high schools, and future career goals. Watch for this virtual celebration on Channel 7 and online at

It’s an honor for WXYZ to shine a spotlight on these talented seniors. They are to be congratulated for their perseverance, dedication, and achievements. Many of them had to overcome incredible obstacles in their personal lives.

They come from all walks of life and every area of this region. These young women and men also reflect well on their families, teachers, and friends who inspired and supported their academic journeys. When individual graduates faced challenges, someone was there to encourage them to stay focused and keep their eyes on the finish line. Collectively, they serve as positive role models for future generations of K-through-12 students.

Please join us this summer as we highlight these nearly 200 scholars. They, along with all high school graduates, are a constant reminder that nothing is more important than the education of our future leaders and workforce. Please help us in saluting the Channel 7 2022 Brightest & Best high school seniors. It’s time for them to take a bow for a job well done!

I’m Mike Murri, V.P. & General Manager
Broadcast: June 2 - 5, 2022