'Despite our hurt, we stay hopeful.' Oxford student shares heartbreaking story after school shooting

Posted at 2:57 PM, Apr 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-27 14:20:04-04

(WXYZ) — Tuesday brought an emotional tribute and heartbreaking account from a survivor of the deadly mass shooting last November at Oxford High School.

In honor of Crime Victims' Rights Week, student Kylie Ossege broke her silence today. In her own words, she sent a powerful message, one of courage and strength through the most painful times.

"For me, November 30 began as any normal day. My name is Kylie Ossege. I’m a survivor of the Oxford High School shooting," she said.

Ossege has never spoken publicly until today about the horrific day that changed countless lives, the day a school shooter at Oxford High opened fire.

“I was shot in the chest and have a gunshot wound in each shoulder. I suffered a broken clavicle, two broken ribs and a spinal cord injury," said Ossege.

At an event today honoring those who passed away and acknowledging Crime Victims' Rights Week, Ossege also displaying incredible courage in talking about the impact of this tragedy.

"Since November 30, we hurt. We mourn the loss of four beautiful souls. Hana St. Juliana, Madisyn Baldwin, Tate Myre and Justin Shilling.”

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said, "we do all of this so we can advocate for fair and just result for victims of crime.”

McDonald's office continues to prosecute the accused killer and his parents. She says she draws inspiration from Ossege’s message.

"She’s the first victim that’s spoken publicly about what happened to her. I think she’s ready to tell her story. It’s really important that we honor that," said McDonald.

Parent Samantha Drobnich also has two children in Oxford schools.

"They will take it with them for the rest of their lives, but they are strong. People like Kylie are paving the way to speak up and let their voice be heard," said Drobnich.

Ossege said, "as victims, we grow to be survivors. Though we tire we continue to try. We are brave courageous and strong. We endure great stress, pressure and sorrow. We help one another but also know when to ask for help."

Looking ahead, Ossege is focusing on living for those who’ve been lost and not allowing the cowardly acts of a shooter to define her future.

"Despite our hurt, we stay hopeful. We pray and stay true to our faiths. We trust in a greater plan that gives purpose to each and every student. With this belief, we remain hopeful in a plan that will honor our four angels," she said.

Today's event also allowed for Ossege to thank first responders, hospital workers and family who’ve played an important role in the healing process.