People of the Week: Father and son duo making an impression on Detroit youth

DETROIT (WXYZ) - You may have passed by this pillar in the community sitting on East 7 Mile for about 30 years now, and the name now on the building says it all - Chosen Generation.

Executive Director Deacon Keith Taylor tells us it's about youth feeling favored and special in order to spark their growth. That is why, he says, he chose a strong father and son duo to run their program out of the building.

Steven Dye, Sr. and Steven Dye, Jr. created what they call "Detroit Magic Child Development Program" for all inner city youth ages 6-14 years old.  The two run the program much like they do an afternoon program in their own home. 

They help with homework, may even shoot some hoops, all while teaching young people to become leaders by example.

Steven Dye, Jr. says, "We all know its detrimental in the neighborhoods, or stereotype, that fathers are not in the homes, they are not involved in their children's lives. Well, this is going against that, going against that grain I should say."

After coming through Detroit Magic Child Development program himself, Stephen Dye, Jr. joined his father's effort to be a community Dad and the legacy continues with his son.

And when asked if he sees a "return on his investment," Steven Dye, Sr. had this to say, "Yes. Our kids go on to college or trade school. They've become State Reps or just productive citizens in the community."

So, for making it cool to be a tight father and son that share their bond to better the youth of this community, Stephen Dye duo you are our People of the Week.

For more information on the program and how you can support it or be part of it: click here.

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