Police in riot gear and vehicles ticketed and towed as ambassador bridge protest continues

Freedom Convoy nears the end of day six
Posted at 10:36 PM, Feb 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-12 22:36:25-05

On Saturday, vehicles parked near the ambassador bridge protest are being ticketed and towed according to Windsor Police.

Earlier Saturday morning, Canadian police armed in riot gear pushed back demonstrators and blocked off an area of the bridge.

However, the protests, now deemed the freedom convoy continues and not just in Canada.

Copycat convoys are now underway in Australia, Paris and here in Michigan. With the initial protest against the vaccine requirement for Canadian truck drivers morphing into COVID restriction across the country.

Ellen Kowara lives in Chicago but drove down to Detroit, near the boarder on Tuesday and Today to show her support for the protests.

“It affects me personally because I'm a dual citizen and my family and friends are in Canada,” says Kowara.

Right now, in order to enter Canada a person must be vaccinated and have a negative COVID test, or quarantine for two weeks.

“Americans don’t have to quarantine when they come home,” says Kowara.

“Facetime doesn’t cut it obviously,” says Emma Warner.

Warner grew up in Canada. She hasn't been able to see her parents in two year, and they have not been able to meet her daughter because of the boarder restrictions according to Warner.

So they are standing in solidarity with people across the Detroit river.

Meanwhile as the bridge ambassador bridge closure nears the end of day six General Motors in Lansing has canceled several shifts, Ford and Toyota are scaling back production and Michigan factory workers could lose 51 million in wages this week.

7 Action News the auto industry could be losing a million dollars a minute. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the issue saying he's been in contact with President Biden and Governor Whitmer.