Police recover Chad Carr family hard drives, arrest 2 in home invasion

Posted at 9:48 AM, Apr 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 21:21:13-04

Police say they have arrested two people in connection to the Carr family home invasion and recovered the stolen hard drives that contained pictures and videos of the late Chad Carr.

The term "Chad Tough" became a household phrase while the little boy, grandson of former Michigan Football Coach Lloyd Carr, battled an inoperable brain tumor. 

Chad passed away in November of 2015. 

Earlier this week, Chad Carr's parents were pleading for the drives to be returned after their home was broken into on April 8 while they were on vacation. 

The Pittsfield Township Police Department says they were able to locate a 2012 Lincoln MKS that was also stolen from the property and subsequently arrested two men in the case.

John Brooks and Thomas Lee were arraigned on charges this afternoon.

Tammi Carr, Chad's mother, posted her gratitude on the ChadTough Facebook page: 

"Yes, it’s true … our hard drives have been recovered! Words can’t express how happy we are. These random little memories captured during our five short years with Chad are what we turn to when we need to laugh, cry, or simply spend time with our baby. We are so thankful to have them back.

"A HUGE thank you to the Pittsfield Township Police Department and the officers who were nothing short of amazing. They worked day and night — a straight 36 hours at one point — following leads and pushing ahead for our family.

"To show our gratitude, we are donating the $500 reward we posted for the return of the hard drives to a project in Pittsfield Township. We are still figuring out what that project will be, but we want to do something to make day-to-day work a little easier for these officers!

"Thank you to ALL of our supporters, including friends, family, and the media who jumped on this story so quickly. We truly have the most passionate, caring group of people making a difference in Chad’s name.

"News spread so fast, in fact, that it went viral … and that made a SIGNIFICANT impact on this case. One of the perpetrators actually saw the information on the news and felt badly ... after he was apprehended, he actually led the officers to where they would find the hard drives. Prayers that his heart can be forever changed. Our prayers were answered ... A situation that seemed hopeless turned around because of passion and awareness.

"The parallel to our fight with DIPG is not lost on me and it shouldn’t be lost on you — awareness makes a difference! Let the power of what you did this past week fuel your fire to spread the importance of this cause and these kids!

"Finally, many of you asked if you could add to our reward fund. Those requests were so humbling to us. We would love for any of you who donated or who were thinking about donating to instead contribute to the Pittsfield Township Police Department. They truly deserve it!

"We have felt your love and support through this entire process and truly believe all of your prayers contributed to us getting these priceless memories back. Thank you for being ChadTough!"