POLL: Majority of Michiganders give President Donald Trump negative job rating

Posted at 6:00 AM, Feb 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-08 11:50:30-05

Even though candidate Donald Trump won Michigan last November, he’s off to a rough start winning the job performance approval of Michiganders early in his presidency. 

Just three weeks into being America’s commander-in-chief, 48% of the 600 people polled statewide have an unfavorable opinion of President Trump, versus 39% who have a favorable impression of the former New York businessman. 

Thirteen percent couldn’t make up their minds.

Trump also didn’t do well on his job rating. Fifty-four percent gave him an unsatisfactory mark, 40% believe he’s doing a good job and 6% are undecided.

That’s the latest finding of an exclusive EPIC MRA survey released first to WXYZ-TV 7/Detroit Free Press and our media polling partners in Grand Rapids, Flint, Lansing and Detroit. 

Bernie Porn, president of the Lansing-based firm that conducted the survey summed up the President’s low numbers this way, “It’s obvious that Mr. Trump’s short term as president has, so far, been under whelming to the voters of Michigan.” 

He added, “His behavior is unlike anything people have seen in recent presidential history. Like a rattlesnake, you know there’s a chance you’re going to get bit, you just don’t know when. People aren’t sure what to make of him!”

Of course, President Trump has nearly four years to go during his first term in office and poll numbers routinely go up and down. 

Former President Barack Obama once had a higher unfavorable number in Michigan than favorable. But today, he enjoys his highest favorability rating ever, 59%, now that he’s out of office and not making difficult decisions in the White House.

The survey also asked likely state voters what they think of Governor Rick Snyder’s performance. 

Clearly, they believe he’s making progress. Forty-six percent gave the second term executive an unfavorable rating, 44% gave him a favorable number while 10% are still are sure. 

Snyder’s favorable number is 7 points higher than the 37% he received in October 2016. His unfavorable number in that same time period was 52%.  

Governor Snyder’s negative job performance rating has improved 3 points since late last year even though his 61% is still too high on the wrong side. 

What Snyder does have solidly in his favor is Michigan’s economy. Sixty-one percent of Michiganders say it is now improving, 22% believe it has bottomed out and not yet improving and 13% say the economy will still get worse.  

Forty-five percent are convinced Michigan is “headed in the right direction” compared to 45% who think the nation is on “the wrong track.” 

Consistent with a deeply divided America, how survey respondents feel about the direction of the country’s economy as a whole differs along political party lines and who is currently in power.

The EPIC MRA Poll was conducted January 30 – February 2 and included 30% of live interviews via mobile phone users. 


Overall, would you say that things in the country are generally headed in the right direction, or, have things pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track?

45% Wrong track
35% Right direction
20% Undecided/Refused
How about in Michigan -- would you say that things in Michigan are generally headed in the right direction, or, have things pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track?

45% Right direction
41% Wrong track
14% Undecided/Refused

Now, I would like to read the names of several political figures. For each one, please tell me if you have
a favorable or unfavorable opinion of that person.

Barack Obama
59% Total Favorable
37% Total Unfavorable

Rick Snyder
44% Total Favorable
46% Total Unfavorable

Donald Trump
39% Total Favorable
48% Total Unfavorable

Overall, based on what you have heard or read, how would you rate the job that has been done so far by Donald Trump during the transition and now as President – would you give him a positive rating of excellent or pretty good, or a negative rating of just fair or poor?

40% Total Positive
54% Total Negative

Overall, how would you rate the job being done by Rick Snyder as Michigan’s Governor – would you give him a positive rating of excellent or pretty good, or a negative rating of just fair or poor?

37% Total Positive
61% Total Negative

Thinking about the economy in Michigan, do you believe Michigan’s economy…

61% Is now improving
22% Has bottomed out, but has not yet started to improve
13% Has not yet bottomed out, and will still get worse
4% Undecided

Based on your personal experience or what you know or have heard or read, do you support or oppose the efforts of the Tea Party movement? “Do you strongly or somewhat (support/oppose) the Tea Party movement?”
42% Total Support
23% Total Oppose
Do you think of yourself as pro-choice, meaning that you support allowing women to have the right to an abortion, or do you consider yourself pro-life, meaning that you oppose abortions, except when it is necessary to save the life of the mother?

52% Pro-choice –women have the right to an abortion
41% Pro-life – against abortions except to save life of mother
7% Undecided/Refused

Would you describe yourself as a conservative, a moderate or a liberal?

34% Conservative
31% Moderate
25% Liberal

Do you consider yourself a strong Democrat or a not very strong Democrat? Do you consider yourself closer to the Republican or Democratic Party? Do you consider yourself a strong Republican or not a very strong Republican?

42% Total Democrat
38% Total Republican