Protesters get to 100-day mark for downtown Detroit protests

Posted at 11:27 PM, Sep 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-06 09:46:03-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — One day after a federal judge ruled Detroit police officers cannot use batons, shields, gas or bullets against protesters for at least the next two weeks, the organization Detroit Will Breathe hosted its 100th protest in downtown Detroit.

Months of calling for an end to police brutality, chanting "Black Lives Matter" and to defund the police, after the death of George Floyd. This march, they say celebrated their victory in federal court.

"My reaction to the ruling was one of overwhelming relief. Knowing that my clients and the hundreds of demonstrators who have chosen this moment to march beside them and demand justice will be safe from further acts of excessive and unnecessary force and brutality by DPD," said Amanda Ghannam, Detroit Will Breathe's attorney.

Ghannam also said her clients are seeking an indefinite end to the use of force during their continued protests.

"There's simply no reason for these excessively forced tactics to be used while people are out here in the streets peacefully and nonviolently exercising their first amendment right to demonstrate, exercising their first amendment right to assemble, to protest and even to critic public officials," Ghannam said.

The Detroit Police Department's attorney Lawrence Garcia, tells 7 Action News:

"The parameters laid out in the order are very consistent with current DPD policy. We are disappointed the order was entered without an evidentiary hearing because we believe when the evidence is heard, the police actions to date will be deemed justified."

On Twitter, Chief James Craig shared an article which states his position on the ruling. It reads his officers have only used forced against non-peaceful protesters, and the way his department handles demonstrations won't be changed by the ruling.

"There's a whole lot of gaslighting going on in DPD headquarters, and that's one of the reasons why Chief Craig's got to go," said Tristan Taylor, an organizer for Detroit WIll Breathe.