Detroit police believe ex-boyfriend stalked, murdered woman

Posted at 4:51 PM, Sep 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-11 17:27:32-04

Witnesses say a Detroit woman had a stalker.  Monday morning that stalker called police saying he found her dead. 

So what really happened?

Detroit police tell 7 Action News her ex claimed he showed up around 5 in the morning and found her stabbed to death in her own home. 

Police say they have questions for that ex. 

The call came in around 5:15 Monday morning. Detroit Police rushed to the house in the 19000 block of Sorento - near West Outer Drive and Seven Mile. 

A man told 911 he found his ex inside the house stabbed to death. Medics responded and pronounced her dead at the scene. 

A neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous and his wife say the woman killed was a good friend, who he didn’t know to have enemies.

Her name is Tiffany Hunter. She was a mom and worked at a nearby home improvement store.

Police say other neighbors who knew her told them she had a stalker - her ex- boyfriend. Those witnesses said they heard screaming coming from the house two days ago.

Detroit Police tell me they took that ex-boyfriend in for questioning at the scene. So far he is not charged with any crime. 

The autopsy could bring police answers as to what happened and who is responsible. 

In the meantime, police are asking anyone that saw anything suspicious at the house in the last coupe of days to come forward.