Mail carrier uses pepper spray to help man who fell while trying to help his sick dog during dog attack

Posted: 6:08 PM, Jun 19, 2019
Updated: 2019-06-24 17:04:48-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — A day after finding out his 13-year-old dog, Sasha, has cancer, Garner Bailey found himself trying to save her from a dog attack not far from their house on Detroit's west side.

"I couldn't stop the dog," Garner told 7 Action News Wednesday afternoon after Detroit Animal Control responded with police to seize the loose dog. "I was hitting the dog in the head. My daughter said I should have punched him in the nose."

And just before going after Sasha, the dog went after a 13-year-old boy's dog as they were walking near Pembroke and Appoline.

"I was in the house and I heard my son hollering," said Tiffany Roland who told us that she opened the door and pulled her son Jaden and their dog named "Kita," a Presa Canario, inside the house.

Tiffany said Kita protected her son by biting the loose dog several times.

"My dog tore that dog up," said Tiffany.

It was a mail carrier who was able to use pepper spray on the loose dog and help a passerby secure the loose dog. That dog belongs to another neighbor who didn't seem too apologetic or very bothered by the fact that her dog attacked two other dogs as they walked with their owners on leashes.

"It's not that big of a deal," London Brock told 7 Action News. "It's more important things that took place today."

Brock admits her dog has gotten out of her fenced yard before. This time she said he chewed through a leash and then he escaped the fenced yard.

Brock said her dog is a pit bull named "Big Boy." And she said she tied him up in the yard Tuesday because he urinated in the house.

Brock said she was unaware of Detroit's anti-tethering ordinance that prohibits dogs from being tied up outside for more than three continuous hours. Brock said she was also unaware that her dog needed to be licensed and have up-to-date vaccinations.

"Yes, the gentleman fell down, but my dog attacked the dog. He never attacked anyone," said Brock who was ticketed for a dog bite and harboring an unlicensed dog.

"This is every blue moon," said Brock about how often her dog gets out of his yard.

"He's bit up a bit but that's the consequences when you do things you have no business doing," said Brock who seemed to disregard that her dog is an animal and it's her job to protect him and other people and their pets. "Could I stop him from biting through a leash? I cannot control that."