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Michigan's marijuana dispensary goes high-tech to provide bespoke customer experience

Pure Roots proprietary kiosks help customers select potency and make payment
Posted at 7:52 AM, Jan 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-03 17:46:14-05

(WXYZ) — It’s a start of a brand new year, and for marijuana dispensaries, January is special as it marks the national CBD awareness month.

"CBD is actually really good for medical benefits, I’ve been around the industry as a consumer long enough to see what it’s been able to do for people of legal age and older," said Haven Oraha, cannbis product shopper.

Haven Oraha, a proud Michigander says since the state legalized the sale of cannabis products back in 2019 CBD has become more widely available for medicinal or recreational purposes.

"I hope that other states that haven’t already done so can follow in our footsteps," said Haven Oraha, cannbis product shopper.

Meanwhile, Michigan’s marijuana industry has been thriving thanks to its year-on-year sales record.

" It’s a multi-billion-dollar industry state-wide. Certain dispensaries are doing really well. Ann Arbor is a crowded market place so you really have to set yourself apart," said Reni George, Vice President for Government Affairs, Pure Roots.

And that’s exactly what Pure Roots is aiming for. Reni George the dispensary’s Vice President says their focus is providing bespoke cannabis products with premium customer service.

"We have a proprietary POS system, when a customer scan in, we ask them a number of questions, and our system matches their responses to the available inventory to make sure customers get the right potency," said Reni George, Vice President for Government Affairs, Pure Roots.

From self-payment kiosks to semi-automated product dispatching system Reni says the technological advancements across their stores has helped lower operating cost, enhance COVID Safety measures and improve quality.

"We only offer non-remediated cannabis, so cannabis that has not been microwaved in ozone peroxide bath. Pure Roots does an extra level of testing, which includes terpene testing, which helps us match the psychoactive effects to a customer’s experience and wants," said Reni George, Vice President for Government Affairs, Pure Roots.

That’s customers like Haven feel Michigan’s marijuana dispensaries are heading in the right direction.

"The industries that we are in as consumers and both owners have to kind of evolve as well or you get left behind essentially," said Haven Oraha, cannbis product shopper.

Pure Root’s Centerline location will open later this month and their mobile app to place orders and track delivery will launch in February but just like starting any supplement, make sure to check in with your doctor to see cannabis products are good for your overall wellness routine.