Operation Homefront takes care of a local Army veteran's backyard

Jessica Tutt completed 11 years of service, including six deployments
Posted at 11:53 PM, Nov 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-09 23:54:47-05

DETROIT (WXYZ) — With Veterans Day around the corner, the Home Depot Foundation tag teamed with Operation Homefront to provide outdoor home renovations for a local Army veteran and her family that included landscaping, fencing and necessary equipment.

"They did a magnificent job, they took a house that was 40 to 50 years old and decked it out, so me and my family didn't have to worry about anything," said Jessica Tutt, who's an Army veteran.

Tutt joined the military at the age of 17. After 11 years of service, including six deployments, Jessica retired in 2014.

Her greatest joy is now being able to provide a loving and stable home for her children, which was made possible thanks to Operation Homefront’s Permanent Homes for Veterans program.

"I’m a disabled vet in the state of Michigan. I was awarded my home two years ago in February as part of the program," Tutt said.

Operation Homefront’s mission is to build strong, stable and secure military families, so they can thrive in the communities that they’ve worked so hard to protect.

"Right now, they’re flattening out my back yard, redoing flower beds, building me a flower bed, they are staining and varnishing my deck. They are just giving my backyard the peace and calm that me and my family need," Tutt said.

This project is one of the many that will take place across the nation, where members of Team Depot will support U.S. veterans and communities in need.

"It's just a blessing to have people step up as a team and remind me that I’m not just a number, that I’m part of Madison Height community and family," Tutt said.

The annual giving campaign will officially kick off on Nov. 11 to mark Veterans Day and will run through Dec. 31.

The Home Depot Foundation works closely with its nonprofit partners to identify local community projects to support year round. For more information, visit