Wife of murdered Chrysler worker called a 'black widow,' relatives talk about motive

Posted at 4:25 AM, Apr 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-26 04:25:08-04

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) — Darold Worsham called his uncle's wife a 'black widow" and a Detroit Police officer said, "She's the devil."

This week, three years after her husband's murder, 68-year-old Beatrice Flint-Tennyson was charged with Open Murder, Tampering with Evidence, and Dead Bodies- Disinterment and Mutilation.

"My uncle was a provider for her. Kept her in a lavish lifestyle, you know, and she took advantage of that," said Worsham who talked publicly for the first time about what is believed to be the motive for the murder of his uncle. Darvin Tennyson was a 60-year-old Chrysler worker who sources said was killed in his home in Farmington Hills in March 2016.

It's believed Beatrice and her 46-year-old son, Delbert Flint, killed Darvin, put his body in the trunk of his car, and drove to Detroit where his body and the vehicle were set on fire.

Darvin's family and friends said he was a genuine good guy who married the wrong woman. Beatrice spent much of Darvin's hard earned money on lavish things including handbags and a Mercedes Benz, according to relatives.

The couple separated a couple times, but reconciled.

"My uncle was looking for love and thought this person was it," said Worsham.

A source told 7 Action News it's likely Darvin was likely suffocated.

His twin sister, Dorothy Little, said the night he was killed, she woke up screaming from a nightmare in which she couldn't breathe and it felt like her legs were burning.

"I knew something had happened, but I didn't know what it was," Little told 7 Action News. And the next day she learned her twin had been killed.

"Twins have a premonition about each other, but I just couldn't put it together," she said. "I just fell to my knees because I saw it. I saw it all. I can't explain it. I cannot explain it."

Relatives and police believe the motive was money. Darvin had a life insurance policy believed to have been worth nearly a million dollars.

"It's hard for me to imagine that a human being could do another human," Little said about her brother's widow. "You're doing the fake grieving.. that you're so hurt that they did your husband like that, but all the same time, you and your son did this."

Darvin worked at the Chrysler Trenton Engine Plant and he loved his job. And his relatives said Beatrice loved spending his money.

"My brother had prostate cancer, but he beat it. He would call me from work, he would be sick, but he never would miss a day. He would still go to work. She'd sit at home, but he'd go to work," Little said.

Beatrice's 46-year-old son is also facing multiple charges including Open Murder. They are both being held without bond.

"They thought it was an ironclad crime," said Little. "They didn't think they was going to get caught."

Before concluding the interviews Thursday, we asked Little if there was anything else she wanted to add. She said she wanted to thank Detroit Police Sergeant Todd Eby for talking and listening to her throughout the investigation.

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