Woman terrorized by ex-boyfriend, assaulted then shot as Detroit Police searched for him

Posted at 6:52 PM, Jun 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-22 07:30:23-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Destiny Heard-Lindsey said all she wanted was her abusive ex-boyfriend to leave her alone.

"The only thing I can think of is if he kills me, I can't go to court to say what he's done," the 27-year-old Warren woman said Tuesday.

Destiny reached out to 7 Action News in hopes that viewers could help Detroit Police locate him.

"I'm one of those women who never said a lot or did too much, but now I'm so tired.. and now I need help," she said.

Abuse, physical and emotional, was nothing new in the couple's on and off-again relationship.

But in April, after an assault with a vehicle that she did not report to police, Destiny said she'd had enough and repeatedly told the man to leave her alone.

But several weeks ago, on Memorial Day, Destiny was inside a party store with a friend in the area of Livernois and the Lodge freeway, when she said her 24-year-old ex-boyfriend came in and assaulted her in an attack that was captured on store surveillance video.

"He instantly socks me in my face and I start to bleed out," she said, describing the attack, adding that the amount of blood made it difficult to call 911.

Destiny said she ran to the back of the store but he found her and began kicking her in the head.

The man was able to flee the location before police arrived, but Destiny said he continued to threaten her and her family over the phone.

Detroit Police submitted a warrant for the man's arrest and secured charges of Domestic Violence and robbery because the man allegedly stole Destiny's purse when he fled the location.

She was getting nervous and said she hoped Detroit Police would be able to locate the man before he could do anything else.

Then on Wednesday, June 15, just past midnight as Destiny was walking up to a friend's house in Detroit, she saw a car driving by slowly. A man exited the vehicle wearing a mask, but Destiny said she could easily recognize that it was her ex.

She said she tried to run but an injury to her leg from April's assault made it difficult to move fast.

And on the friend's porch, Destiny said her ex-boyfriend rushed her, pushing her to the ground and firing several shots, one bullet striking her in the leg and shattering a bone.

She said he ran back to the vehicle while continuing to fire shots.

Destiny said that had her friend not pulled her off the porch and into the house, she may have been shot again.

"He's got an extensive criminal history with a lot of domestic violence issues in the past," said Detroit Police 12th Precinct Commander Kurt Worboys who talked to Action News Tuesday.

Commander Worboys said a warrant request, seeking charges against Destiny's ex-boyfriend for the shooting at her friend's house was just submitted to prosecutors.

Then, in the middle of our interview, Worboys' cell phone rang. It was a sergeant from his Special Operations unit, advising him that they had just arrested Destiny's ex-boyfriend.

"We had an idea where he was. It was hard getting eyes on him but we were finally able to get him into custody just now," Worboys said.

Destiny cried when she heard he was finally under arrest.

"I'm just thankful and thank everybody who been out there looking for him, risking their life, possibly, to find him. I'm just thankful."