Woman who recorded drivers doing donuts on the Lodge faces backlash from friends

Posted at 6:16 PM, Jul 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-01 19:19:20-04

DETROIT (WXYZ)  — "We on the Lodge with it! We on the Lodge with it," said a young woman who sounded excited as she took cell phone video while she was the center of the chaos that paralyzed traffic on the Lodge near Livernois late Friday night.

It appears the woman is friendly with those around her who brought traffic to a screeching halt as some did burnouts with their Dodge Challengers and Chargers.

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But police say that woman is now facing backlash from her friends because it was her video that offered up just enough evidence for police to go after some of those who were involved.

"We're asking the people that are breaking the law, please continue to post yourselves on social media," said Michigan State Police 1st Lt. Michael Shaw Monday. "Post your face on social.. post all the illegal activity that you're continuing to do."

Detroit Police arrested a 25-year-old Canton man Saturday morning in Rouge Park who they say was identified from the woman's cell phone video. Police say that man, who does not have a valid driver's license, is also suspected of being involved in similar incidents around Detroit.

The man was also issued a number of citations for violations including tinted windows and excessive noise. His car remains in impound, but he has been released pending further charges in connection to his alleged reckless driving.

Police said the video also helped them identify six other vehicles involved. Most of the vehicles identified are registered to people outside Detroit.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said they will conduct a forensic analysis on each vehicle to see if they've been involved in any criminal acts, and it's possible those vehicles could also be impounded and even forfeited.

Chief Craig warning reckless drivers, "You will never see that vehicle again."