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Moms use Facebook to help other mothers out just in time for the holidays

Posted at 4:40 PM, Dec 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-20 16:40:54-05

This time of year can be stressful, especially for moms.

One mom in Brighton posted a simple question on a Facebook page: "what do you want for Christmas?"

The answers sparked a pay-it-forward movement.

Last month, Ginger Paeschke started a secret Facebook group called Livingston County Santa Wishes. Paeschke is like Santa and her friends are elves, helping other moms in their community.

She said, "You're exhausted. You have the weight of the world on your shoulders."

Some wishes were simple.

"We had moms ask for sleep and we had moms that came in and said, 'I will watch your kids for three hours so you can take a nap.'"

Others wishes were more emotional.

"We got a lady an urn for her dad."

Gennie Bell volunteered to decorate a house to cheer up a child who was being bullied at school. Now, she is the one asking for help to buy her daughter a present.

Bell explained, "Few weeks later I get some unsettling news and I'm like, 'hey here is what happened.' I had a bunch of people come forward and be like, 'hey we will help you.'"

Michelle Lee contacted us about the group.

"It just makes me so thankful that people are giving with such open hearts that I really wanted to share this story so people can see the good in the world," she explained.

The moms used their resources and asked others to volunteer to help grant wishes. One masseuse volunteered 13 hours for moms who needed a little pampering. Florists and bakers donated items to spread holiday.

Paeschke owns a salon and gave away free makeovers.

"This about how you feel and what you would want somebody to do for you. And try to extend that out to somebody," Paeschke explained.

In total, they granted 105 wishes, 106 if you count the surprise they had for Michelle and her family. The group tells us they will do it again next year.

Lee added, "I can't wait to give back."