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Anti-bullying center in Roseville open to kids in Metro Detroit

Posted at 5:28 PM, Feb 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-17 23:02:03-05

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WYXZ) — Robert Durham said if he ever got the chance, he’d try his best to help kids the way he was helped. So, he started the nonprofit Juggernauts Kids Foundation.

Now, he has opened an anti-bullying center in Roseville and said he has plans to open many more.

Donovan Ryder is a 13-year-old who lives nearby the new center.

“Kinda cool how they think about the kids and set up an area where they can come and just hang out and talk about school and stuff like that,” remarked Ryder.

He said he appreciates the convenience.

“It feels good that he’s willing to help out kids that are getting bullied - like me,” explained Ryder.

He is looking forward to having a place where he belongs.

“Especially when I get bullied. My friends help, making funny jokes and it makes me get in a better mood,” Ryder explained.

Robert Durham is the founder and CEO of the Juggernauts Kids Foundation. His day job is running Juggernauts Moving and Storage Company. He said he was always inspired to give back through the example set by his grandfather.

“We have Boys and Girls Clubs, but we don’t have a program like this that focuses on kids that have been bullied, kids that need help with mental health, or kids dealing with depression,” explained Durham. “I feel like if I take the initiative to start the first one, maybe people will jump on board and we can start more across the state.”

He credits a program called REACH for helping him stay off the street when he was young.

Durham explained Juggernauts even has licensed therapists on staff if the kids need them.

“I think if kids have a place to open up about being bullied, it would help a lot,” he said.

Anneliese Ryder is Donovan Ryder’s mom.

“I was so excited to see it happening and opening. Then when we got to come meet Robert, it really made a difference. Everyone here was so welcoming to us,” said Ryder.

She explained what she hopes her son will find at the Juggernauts Kids Foundation anti-bullying center.

“That he has someplace to go where he is not judged. That he can be himself. That kids can recognize what a great person and kid that he really is.”

Said Ryder, “It would be nice to get the kids out in the neighborhood again. Get them from off the couch, from behind that computer screen, or laptop or game system, and get out in the neighborhood again.”