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Allen Park man told to give up pet alligators after one is found in a pond

Posted at 5:46 PM, Jul 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-25 18:19:07-04

After someone called to complain about his alligators, Ryan Hudge was told his two unusual pets had to go. 

"He said all they need is a complaint," Hudge told 7 Action News about the animal control officer who visited him a day after one of his two alligators accidentally escaped a backyard enclosure.

The alligator walked a block over and found its way into someone's backyard fountain.

Allen Park police called a worker from The Critter Shop, where Hudge purchased the alligator, to come and secure the alligator. 

A neighbor told Hudge that his alligator had been picked up and he went to the pet shop to retrieve it. But then came Animal Control. 

Hudge said the officer told him he'd give him two weeks to get rid of the alligator. Hudge said alligators were illegal in the city he used to live in, so he moved to Allen Park two years ago where they are legal.

Hudge said he had no idea the size of an alligator was limited to six inches.   

"That doesn't make sense when they come out six inches," He said.

Hudge shared a love of reptiles with his late mother because she was allergic to typical furry pets. One of his alligators was a gift from his mom. 

"She just recently passed and I got this from her so I can't get rid of it," Hudge said. "Hopefully, they'll let me keep it. If not, I'll have to move - I will move before I get rid of my alligators."

Animal Control officers would only say they are still investigating.