Civil rights group calls for Plymouth city clerk to resign over alleged islamophobic post

Posted at 10:31 PM, Feb 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-28 23:22:51-05

Bigoted comments made on social media towards Muslims, have a civil rights organization calling for a local city clerk to be fired.

The comments were spotted Monday night on a conservative social media site, referencing a Muslim woman who only lasted working 8 days in the Trump White House.

Someone identified as Linda Langmesser made the derogatory statements that also referenced the Koran. Langmesser happens to be the Plymouth city clerk, with 30 years of public service to the community.

The Plymouth city manager tells us the post is totally unacceptable and the Mayor has launched an internal review.

Today, the clerk declined an interview request and denied making the post. She told us by phone that her Facebook account was hacked.

We found no mention of hacking on her page.

Instead, we found other posts supporting President Trump's previous executive orders on immigration. Nabih Ayad, founder of the Arab American Civil Rights League, says the clerk must resign if it turns out she made the post.

"It's appalling and we need to have a thorough investigation" said Ayad.

The city manager wouldn't say if the clerk has been suspended. We have confirmed she wasn't at work today.

She is expected to return to the office tomorrow.