Dearborn councilman proposes new regulations in wake of violence at some of the city's bars

Posted at 10:25 PM, Oct 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-03 23:13:27-04

A rash of recent violence outside bars in west Dearborn has some neighbors angry and demanding something be done.

The bar scene in west Dearborn is now under the microscope. As soon as tomorrow, bar owners could have to adapt to much tougher rules.

In surveillance video from earlier this year outside a west Dearborn bar, police officers are seen responding to a large fight.

The violence along with other incidents involving alleged firearms and sexual assaults, ultimately led to the closing of the liv lounge.

Other troubling incidents have also gotten the attention of people in the community who want to feel safe.

More recently, police say, an assault and battery investigation was started after a fight this past weekend at post bar on Michigan Avenue.

Since the rash of high profile problems at least one city councilman has pledged to propose a new ordinance, essentially creating a bar district with regular police staffing at peak times and the bars would foot the bill for officers extra overtime.

Along with Liv Lounge and Post Bar, police has also mentioned the NAR bar on Michigan Avenue after 29-year-old Mario Amison and 24-year-old Allante Percy were charged in connection with a shooting.

Both men from Ypsilanti were arrested for the mid-September incident outside the bar that sent 3 people to the hospital with non-fatal injuries.

7 Action News will be at tomorrow's city council meeting. Another hearing in mid-October will also decide if NAR Bar can keep their liquor license.

Tonight, they did not choose to comment.