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Dog killed by coyote in Canton as police alert residents to increased sightings

Posted at 4:52 PM, Jan 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-08 16:52:25-05

A 16-year-old Jack Russell Terrier has died in the latest reported attack on a small pet by coyotes in Metro Detroit. 

It happened in the area of Cherry Hill and Beck Road in Canton. And Canton Police are alerting residents that coyote sightings are on the rise in Canton and Southeast Michigan. 

"Coyotes are most likely to be spotted during their breeding period, which occurs in Michigan from mid-January into March. Coyotes are active day and night, however peak activity usually occurs at sunrise and sunset," according to a release by Canton Police.

Coyotes prey on unattended small dogs and cats. And the owners of "Biggy," the senior Jack Russell are also warning their neighbors about what happened to him when they let him outside and walked away for just a moment. 

Biggy's owners launched a desperate search for him. Amazingly, he was able to get away from what a veterinarian says had to have been an attack by a coyote, but Biggy was critically injured and later died.

Biggy's owners are now urging others to be careful with their pets and to never leave them unattended.

Coyotes are attracted to food in garbage, pet food, and bird seed left outdoors.

Canton Police urge people to clear out wood and brush piles where mice may be living because they can also attract coyotes.

"If residents feel they are in danger of a coyote, or if they observe a coyote in obvious distress, they should contact the police department," said Canton Community Relations Officer Patty Esselink. 

If a coyote appears to be in distress or causing a threat, Canton residents can call the Public Safety's non-emergency line at 734-394-5400.