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Metro Detroit man claims neighbor's construction is damaging his property

Posted at 4:41 PM, Nov 21, 2017

A homeowner in Dearborn is frustrated saying his driveway is crumbling because of the construction next door.

After calling the city, he called 7 Action News, hoping to get some answers.

He tells us he cannot access the garage because the contractor put up a temporary fence on his driveway.

The city addressed the issue on its Facebook page, but the homeowner is not satisfied.

Homeowner Billy Ashcroft said, "I complained about it right away, that's way too close buddy, don't you think and he said yes I agree." 

That's what Ashcroft said to the contractor building next door to his home on Princeton Street.

But he says nothing has been done about it since.

Ashcroft and his wife moved into the home seven years ago.

At the time, the home on this lot was demolished.

"The next of kin didn't take care of it, so they just took it down and they said it was unbuildable when I tried to purchase it four years ago."

Then two weeks ago, digging started on a new foundation.

When Ashcroft complained saying it's too close to his driveway, the contractor left and didn't do any more work.

But his fence came crashing down due to erosion from the recent rain.

"As it eroded, it slowly started leaning then it came down eventually, Friday night." 

The homeowner contacted the city inspector who told him the contractor will take care of it.

That's when the contractor put this temporary fence in the middle of the Ashcroft's driveway, blocking access to his garage.

Not the fix Ashcroft was expecting.

"He said that he would have the contractors out and have it taken care of ASAP, apparently, that's not ASAP to me," he said.

He says this is not just an inconvenience, it's downright dangerous.

Ashcroft added, "I love the city of Dearborn, I feel very betrayed right now." 

The city addressed this issue on their Facebook page saying: