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Romulus residents blast deep injection well proposal being considered by EPA

Posted at 10:37 PM, Nov 29, 2017

People in and around Romulus are sounding off about public health concerns at a public meeting with the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Many spoke out against a controversial permit request.

We're talking about 2 existing underground wells filled with hazardous waste. Citizens fear adding more to them could cause an overflow.

At an emotionally charged meeting inside a Romulus rec center, neighbors and local leaders voiced their outrage over the new permit request being considered by the EPA.

It all deals with two hazardous waste deep injection wells near Inkster and I-94. They're also located near many homes and the airport.

The company Environmental Geo-Technologies LLC already disposed of treated and hazardous waste there since 2013.

Critics at the public forum are speaking against a request to add injection pressure to expand capacity.

Possible spills, fractures in the well, contamination of nearby drinking water; even earthquakes are among the chief concerns.

Experts from the EPA fielded some questions, but mostly said they came to listen.

The EPA said they would accept written comments for another week. A lot of people frustrated they would not give a timeline on when a decision will be made.