Suspected armed robber free on bond now accused of murder

Posted at 5:46 PM, Jun 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-08 20:05:46-04

WAYNE COUNTY (WXYZ) — It’s been called a disturbing trend in Wayne County, involving defendants accused of violent crimes being set free on bond only to re-offend while they await a trial. Now, a circuit court judge in Wayne County is defending her actions after allowing an accused armed robber to go free for a $10,000 bond with a tether.

The same man is now charged in a murder in Oakland County he allegedly was involved in only days later.

Prosecutors in Oakland County say 19-year-old Aurelius Juan Williams is one of the people behind a June 2 shooting murder at the Baymont Inn along 8 Mile Road. On Tuesday, a district court judge in Oak Park ordered his bond to be denied during an arraignment. However, months earlier police across town had already asked for him to be denied bond in Wayne County.

“We do our best to work with our judicial system to make sure these types of things don’t happen. We make recommendations based on the severity of the crimes that are alleged,” said Chief Mark Meyers with Dearborn Heights police.

Our search of records shows Williams was already facing 16 violent felony charges in an alleged armed robbery on Feb. 15, including assault with a dangerous weapon and unlawful imprisonment.

Yet, we’ve found Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Shannon N. Walker agreed to continue a bond equal to 10% of $100,000 on May 28, provided the defendant wears a tether.

“This guy posed a threat to the public,” said retired MSP Inspector Ellis Stafford who spent 25 years on the force. “This is a failure and not the first time this has happened in Wayne County.”

Judge Walker has replied to 7 Action News in an email saying she simply upheld a decision made by a lower court.

“We hope we never have to go back to a family and say the person who did this to you, has now done it to somebody else. Sadly, that’s not the case,” says Chief Meyers.

An attorney for Williams has declined comment. 7 Action News also requested interviews with the prosecutor’s office and the chief judge of 3rd Circuit Court. We’ll stay on top of this story to continue to get answers.