Talbot, woman imprisoned for killing husband, pleads for public hearing

Posted at 9:38 PM, Jan 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-27 23:38:01-05

WATERFORD, Mich. (WXYZ) — 7 Action News is learning new information in the Tina Talbot case. The Waterford woman was found guilty of killing her husband in 2018, after she says she was violently abused.

Talbot is still sitting behind bars at the Women’s Huron Valley correctional facility. She's waiting and hoping for the day she can get out. On Jan. 27, Talbot went before a member of the parole board in a private meeting to plead her case.

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"It is still very emotional and raw for her what’s going on and what happened to her," said Talbot's friend Janene Staley.

Talbot's friend was there during the private meeting held with a member of the parole board.

"He talked to her a little about her prior life, prior to that week," Staley said. "But then really wanted to hear from her what was her perspective on exactly what happened that week and what led up to her doing what she was doing. Why did she feel she had to take that measure."

Talbot pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter for killing her husband in 2018 and was sentenced to 20 months to 15 years behind bars.

"This was so hard for her to do and it’s hard for her to talk about," Staley said.

If a decision is made to move forward with a public hearing, an assistant attorney general, the Boards chairperson and any other member of the board would listen and ask questions from people for or against a commutation.

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"She’s taking it one day at a time," Staley said. "She does not want to sit there and think, 'OK, I could be out by this day.' She’s not going to put herself in that position and then it (doesn't) happen."

If a public hearing is going to happen, after the hearing the parole board would then put together a full report and vote on a recommendation to the governor. Then, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer would ultimately make a final decision.

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"She’s really looking for it and absolutely counting on it even though I’m telling her, I think we’re going to get this done," Staley said. "She can’t allow herself to do that to be potentially let down because we don’t know."

If everything moves quickly and Talbot is granted a commutation, she could leave prison as early as August and would be on parole for four years.