Thursday's Top 7: Best Spots to watch America's Thanksgiving Parade

Posted at 10:15 AM, Nov 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-15 10:15:58-05

The Thanksgiving Parade is a tradition in Detroit! In fact, America's Thanksgiving Parade - Presented By Art Van is often ranked as one of the country's best.

In this week's Thursday's Top 7, I checked with the Parade Company, the producers of the Thanksgiving parade for their 7 top spots to check out the river of floats and fun.

Jennifer Millas is a new arrival to metro Detroit. And this will be her first time seeing the Thanksgiving parade in person.

"I've got an 11-year-old granddaughter and a two-year-old grandson, so I'm sure he's just going to be so excited to see how big this actually is," says Millas.

So here are some spots Jennifer might want to check out.

#7 Midtown Detroit

We begin at number 7 in Midtown.

"How about a cup of coffee? One of the great things about watching the parade here in Midtown is that you have all the eateries and restaurants and coffee shops opening up just to add to the experience."

#6 Grand Circus

"As the parade comes down Woodward Avenue, you get to Grand Circus Park and you have a park on each side of Woodward. And no matter which side you choose, you're going to have a great view of America's Thanksgiving Parade."

#5 From Above

"Of course, that never hurts to have friends in high places. If you're anywhere along Woodward Avenue you can go inside and watch the Thanksgiving parade from above. It offers a unique view of all the festivities and you're likely to have access to food and a bathroom."

#4 Just North Of The Shinola Hotel

Number 4 is the stretch between Grand Circus Park and Grand River Avenue, just north of the Shinola Hotel. Here the feeling is more intimate and the size of the floats stands out against the tall buildings on both sides.

#3 Across From The Fox

"And now we're here in District Detroit, right near the Fox Theatre. This is going to be a great location if you're going to enjoy another Detroit Thanksgiving tradition: the Lions game. You can park once and then walk over to the Ford Field."

#2 Near DIA

"This is where the rollout begins. So all of the floats and all of the entertainment they gather here before they begin heading down Woodward Avenue, so you will get a little extra hustle and bustle as everyone gets ready to kick off the parade."

#1 Grand Stands At Campus Martius

According to the parade company, the best place to watch America's Thanksgiving Parade Presented by Art Van is at Campus Martius, right in the heart of downtown Detroit. Once the parade is over, there are a million things to do.

And Campus Martius is where Jennifer plans to bring her family! She says knowing she's in a prime spot makes her even more excited!

"Yeah! I'm really geeked now to come and see it in person and right there."

And no matter what your plans are Thanksgiving morning, whether you're up cooking, coming down to line the parade route or gearing up to head to the Lions game, start your day with us.

7 Action News will broadcast live from downtown Detroit Thanksgiving morning. Ann Marie will help you get around and of course, we'll have your updated holiday forecast.