Tips for protecting your yard and pets from coyotes

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Posted at 1:56 PM, May 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-15 18:43:56-04

(WXYZ) — From an Eastpointe Taco Bell to a Sterling Heights Dollar Store and even playing "King of the Hill" in a Detroit neighborhood, coyotes are taking over the streets.

City coyotes can be bold, so the DNR has tips on keeping them out of your yard and protecting your pets.

For your safety, NEVER intentionally feed or try to tame coyotes. It is critical that they retain their natural fear of people.

Also, eliminate outside food sources:
- Garbage or pet food left out may draw their attention.
- Coyotes may also take advantage of the small mammals and birds that bird feeders and gardens often attract.
- Clear out brush piles that provide hiding places for small mammals and birds.

Keep small pets indoors or accompany them outside and keep them on a leash. And if you see a coyote in your area, try to scare it off by yelling, clapping or making other loud noises. Most coyotes are naturally afraid of people and will leave if you frighten them.

Coyotes, like any wild animal, can act unpredictably and should be treated with respect and enjoyed from a distance.

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