Troy police warn pranksters after creepy clown sightings

Posted at 3:58 PM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-04 17:07:13-04

A clown sighting in Troy has police actively warning pranksters.

They've been on social media communicating with clown accounts that are making threats to visit neighborhoods.

Megan Lehman of Troy Police said, "We think the clown thing has gotten out of hand."

Troy police have been actively looking for folks who are clowning around, after clown sightings in Troy and across the country are becoming no laughing matter.

There was a clown spotted with a baseball at Athens High School Monday.

"Several of the kids were scared."

That person was a former student who is no longer allowed on school property.

Police are also on social media warning clown accounts not to step foot in Troy neighborhoods.

"The clowns have their own Twitter accounts so we decided to tweet with them. Let them know they could be arrested if they are breaking any laws."

Police say dressing up to play a prank could put the clown in danger!

"We are concerned for the safety of the clowns too because the clown we had was carrying a baseball bat," Lehman explained. "People could be scared or intimidated and defend themselves."

The message is clear: It is not funny to clown around.

"I'm sure these young people are trying to have fun but it can be a safety issue too."

Of course, it's not illegal to dress up as a clown but if you do it to scare or intimidate people or if you are trespassing, you will get in trouble.