Examining the new leadership just elected in Pontiac

Posted at 6:35 PM, Nov 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-10 19:16:57-05

(WXYZ) — In tonight's 7 UpFront segment we're examining the new leadership for residents in the city of Pontiac, which last week elected a new mayor and 7 new city council members.

Joining us to talk about it and his vision for Pontiac is the new Mayor-Elect Tim Greimel.

You can see the full interview in the video player above.

"We've got a lot to do here in Pontiac and I'm ready to hit the ground running on day 1," Greimel says. "Residents are fed up with the status quo. They want positive change. They want to see our community move forward and I think they elected a council and, obviously, a mayor, in me, that are eager to work and eager to make that positive change happen."