Lomas Brown talks about the Super Bowl on WXYZ

Lomas Brown
Posted at 6:39 PM, Feb 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-05 21:20:29-05

(WXYZ) — We're counting down to Super Bowl LV, where the Kansas City Chiefs are back on football's biggest stage, taking on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday in Tampa.

Lions great Lomas Brown joined us to talk about it in the 7 UpFront segment tonight. He won a Super Bowl championship in his final season in the NFL as a member of the Bucs.

You can see the full interview in the video player above.

"I can't wait until Sunday gets here and, yes, I am rooting on the Buccaneers to try and get their second championship," Brown says. "How can you go against Tom Brady? The guy is just unbelievable, at 43-years-old he's still out there doing it."

"It is a great match-up, especially the differences in years and what Tom Brady has at stake," he says. "Think about it, going to 10 Super Bowls. And then you have Patrick Mahomes, the young guy, he'll be the first to win 2 Super Bowls in his first three years in the league, so there's a lot of history there, a lot of history that could be made with those guys, and don't forget, Tom is at home, the first team to have a home Super Bowl. It's just so many things that are going to be historic, whichever way the game ends."