'We are being humiliated as we withdrawal.' Journalist Osama Siblani sounds off on Afghanistan

Posted at 5:41 PM, Aug 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-26 18:20:54-04

DETROIT, Mich (WXYZ) — "I feel sorry for all of these people who are going to lose their lives," says Arab American News Journalist Osama Siblani.

Several bombings took place right in front of Kabul International Airport. The Afghan Health Ministry says as many as 70 people were killed, including U.S. Military members, as chaotic evacuations are taking place.

Siblani says during the 20 years of occupation in Afghanistan. It was just another diplomatic failure, and he says he wasn't shocked.

"I expected everything that's happening in Afghanistan. The way that we withdrawal from Afghanistan, it was a total uncalculated, stupid way of withdrawal knowing who we're dealing with," Siblani said.

The Taliban now has all the tools and assets the United States gave the Afghan army to defend their country.

"What is worse, is that we have left them the ammunition, the helicopters, the Humvees, the MRAPS, the tanks; brand new, to do us harm," Siblani said. "Can it be more stupid than that?"

General Keith McKenzie says they have evacuated nearly 104,000 civilians – 66,000 by the United States and over 37,000 by other countries.

Siblani also added that the conditions on the ground are ripe for more attacks and the United States went backward on the withdrawal efforts.

"The way that we have done it could have been less severe. For example, you withdrawal first the civilians, you withdrawal those people that work with you, you secure any exit from the country," Siblani said. "Then you start pulling your troops out little by little while maintaining firepower."

Siblani says the United States now has its tail between its legs, saying "We are withdrawing with humiliation. We are being humiliated as we withdrawal."