'I made it out. I’m living good.' White Boy Rick Wershe speaks out after prison release

Posted at 5:09 PM, Aug 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-26 07:15:32-04

(WXYZ) — He’s breaking his silence after more than 32 years behind bars.

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Rick Wershe Jr., known to many as “White Boy Rick”, has been a free man for weeks and now has something he wants to share.

Wershe tells me he’s been thankful for an awesome support network since his release. While he’s working on some important projects, he says he’s also had to deal with invasions of privacy.

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That’s in reference to a newly published article in the Daily Mail claiming an exclusive interview.

Rick says don’t be fooled.

He tells us he’s not happy with an out of town news crew ambushing him on private property and reporting information about him without his consent.

“I never did an interview,” he says. “As a matter of fact, I became belligerent with her and kind of caught myself because they basically snuck up on me. But, I never broke my silence to the Daily News, or whatever they call themselves, and it’s just more fake news that they put out.”

Wershe also says he's upset with the publication for slandering the memory of his father.

Only 7 Action News was there as rick recently left a facility in Kissimmee, Florida with his head high showing a peace sign.

Now 51-years-old, Rick is living a new chapter in life, together with his fiancé, whom he began dating in middle school.

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he tells us after serving an unfairly long sentence for a non-violent drug arrest, he’s now working on new projects to help others wronged by the criminal justice system.

“I’m working on a few good things,” he says. “I’m very passionate about what I’m working on. It’s you know, some of the things we’re working on, are to help others. What I went through, I can’t change I can’t take back. I made it out. I’m living good. I have a tremendous support team around me of family and friends. There will be more to come.”

Wershe says the criminal justice system must be reformed, the same system where his cooperation against corrupt public officials proved to be the reason for a conspiracy of lies to keep him inside.

Wershe, in fact, helped with the largest public corruption case in Detroit's history at the time.

Now he says he’s close to being able to share more of his future plans.

We’ll be bringing you much more about Rick’s upcoming projects as soon as he’s ready to share more about them.