WXYZ Editorial: Get ready now for the 2020 Michigan Presidential Primary

Posted at 7:46 PM, Feb 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-24 10:41:25-05

WXYZ DETROIT — The official campaign countdown to the White House is finally underway. The controversial Iowa caucus is now history. Up next, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Super Tuesday and then Michigan. On March 10th, the Presidential Primary spotlight will shine on our Great Lakes State. It’s not too early, to start preparing yourself!

When you get the political party ballot you choose, you’ll have to select between 4 Republicans or 15 Democrats. Now, here’s the catch. Some of the candidates appearing on the ballot have already dropped out of the race! Those who did not properly notify the Michigan Bureau of Elections by December 13th that they were withdrawing, will still have their name listed. So it is important to do your homework beforehand. Take time to read about the different candidates and where they stand on the issues that matter to you, your family and friends.

The last day to register for the Presidential Primary is February 24th. With proper proof of residency, you can register to vote from February 25th through Election Day-March 10th, in-person! The last day electors can get an absentee ballot by mail is March 6th. You can pick up an absentee ballot in-person until March 9th, or you may fill it out on the spot, in your clerk’s office, on Primary Election Day, March 10th.

All indicators are Michigan will once again be an important step in the 2020 presidential race. Remember, in 2016, we were the state with the closest, razor-thin, vote total margin in the nation between the two major political party candidates!
Over the next few weeks, we urge you to go to and become an informed citizen. Your voice and your vote matters!

I’m Mike Murri, V.P. & General Manager
Broadcast: February 6 - 9, 2020