This metro Detroit organization has full-time jobs they're still looking to fill

Posted at 5:57 AM, Oct 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-15 07:08:35-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Hundreds of thousands of Michiganders are looking for work.

We've been hit hard economically before. And in good times and bad, SER Metro Detroit – a community based non profit – has been there helping people find jobs and climb the ladder of success.

"SER Metro was founded in 1971," said Gloria Messenger.

Messenger is a Talent Source Specialist with SER Metro Detroit. For nearly 50 years, this community based agency has offered a wide range of education, job training and job placement services.

SER stands for service, employment and redevelopment.

"It's all about people. It's all about job. About them becoming self sufficient."

Many of SER Metro's services are virtual due to the pandemic, but residents of southwest Detroit and beyond can still get help with creating resumes, advancing their education, enhancing occupational skills and developing vocational training.

Even with learning English or Spanish, all with the goal of becoming more marketable. And SER is once again bringing employers on-site.

"Now, but we are observing COVID protocols. It will be social distancing. We only allow one person at a time in the building."

Prior to COVID-19, many clients struggled with transportation. But a partnership with Uber settled that.

Now SER is searching for clients to fill $20-per-hour jobs in retail, manufacturing, healthcare and seasonal COVID related work.

The biggest obstacle during the pandemic is childcare.

"Kids are not in school. So mothers have to take care of the children, tutor them with the classes," said Messenger. "I mean, we have a job, but that we just don't have the human resources."

So SER is trying to identify more work from home jobs, but the majority of jobs and some of the best paying jobs are in manufacturing. And these jobs require the worker to be on-site.

In a typical year, SER helps thousands of metro Detroiters gain new skills, landing new jobs and becoming financially independent. And even in these difficult times, there are still wins.

"That's what I live for. This is beautiful, you know," said Messenger. "You know that you are touching lives, you're making a difference."

SER has grown over the years and now services communities in both Illinois and Texas.

But the mission is still the same, and they still have full-time jobs they're looking to fill, including professional jobs.

So if you are still trying to rebound from the pandemic, SER Metro Detroit is a resource that can help you get back in the job market.