'Operation Gridlock 2.0' expected Wednesday at state capitol in Lansing

Posted at 4:49 AM, Apr 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-23 09:52:08-04

(WXYZ) — Another call to action by people angry with Michigan’s stay-at-home order may in the works at the state capitol.

Posts calling for “Operation Gridlock 2.0” have been circulating on social media — but not by the organizers of the first protest, held last week.

Some of the social media posts have since been removed — at least from Facebook — Operation Gridlock 2.0, appearing to be a grassroots effort independent of the first demonstration, is tentatively planned for Wednesday morning starting at 10 a.m. on Capitol Avenue in Lansing.

The call is for businesses in the state to re-open.


This comes after the first Operation Gridlock made national headlines last week in Lansing — organizers asking protesters to stay in their car.

“I’m for freedom," chanted one protestor.

Some of the protesters, not wearing protective gear like masks or gloves, called out for not social distancing while voicing their concerns.

The governor addressing that Tuesday night.

“While we can respect and revere the right of decent, the right to demonstrate," said Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. "Right now to do so in an irresponsible way endangers the lives of others."

Those in Lansing last week argued the current stay-at-home is too restrictive. Many of the protesters out of work, pushing for the state to re-open.

“We just want to end the lockdown and use some common sense and get things back to normal," said protestor Tracy Cross.

Following the first Operation Gridlock, Lansing Mayor Andy Schor took to Facebook, warning that citations for failure to social distance will be handed out to future protesters.

"When they come from all different parts of the state -- congregate -- and then go back. We have got to be very careful -- are we going to see a spread of COVID-19 in parts of the state that maybe didn't have it before," said Gov. Whitmer.

It’s unclear how big Wednesday morning’s event could be. There are talks of a third event as well — planned for April 30.

Meanwhile the Michigan Conservation Coalition, behind the first Operation Gridlock, saying they again are not involved in these two subsequent demonstrations.

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