Geoffrey Fieger files fourth sexual assault lawsuit against Mike Morse

Posted at 9:12 AM, May 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-31 18:30:12-04

Attorney Geoffrey Fieger has filed a fourth sexual assault lawsuit against Attorney Mike Morse, according to court documents. 

The lawsuit is alleging that Morse groped his employee at the firm's 2015 Christmas party. The woman accuses Morse of walking up to her from behind and grabbing both of her breasts. 

She claims to immediately have yanked his arms away in front of witnesses. 

The alleged victim reportedly made complaints to the firm's human resources department before an HR representative told her that “her number one priority [was] to protect Morse’s reputation.”

According to court documents, the woman was then offered two weeks of pay in exchange for signing a non-disclosure agreement which she refused. 

An unnamed witness to the incident reportedly told the alleged victim “what was I supposed to do, you know how Michael is.”

The woman named in the legal document is seeking $20 million in damages. 

In the first lawsuit, Morse is also accused of grabbing a woman's breasts after promoting himself "as a famous person who she would like to have a picture with." The alleged victim is seeking $10 million in damages.

After the allegation, Morse said, “This lawsuit is a bogus, manufactured lawsuit, in an attempt to extort money from me by the Fieger Law Firm." 

The second lawsuit claims Samantha Lichon was harassed throughout the course of her career at the Mike Morse Law Firm.

Lichon claims she was the victim of harassment that included unwelcome comments and conduct of an offensive and sexual nature. She allegedly lived in Hazel Park at the time.

There are also allegations that the plaintiff was physically touched without permission, and claims that Morse groped her breasts on multiple occasions. She is seeking $15 million in damages.

Morse responded, saying, "The individual was employed as a receptionist for about 18 months until she was terminated for cause on April 7, 2017.  She never made a complaint during the time she was employed at my firm.

I employ approximately 145 people, about half of whom are women. I have been in business for two decades and I have never been sued. I am not going to continue to participate in Mr. Fieger’s media circus, or his bid to attract more attention to himself and encourage baseless lawsuits.  These matters will be handled in Court."

The third lawsuit claims Morse sexually assaulted a woman inside a car in Miami. Fieger said witnesses saw the assault happened. He's seeking $17.5 million in that lawsuit.