Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel faces backlash for tweet at Detroit's St. Patrick's Parade

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Posted at 6:30 AM, Mar 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-15 06:31:41-04

CORKTOWN (WXYZ) — Some people are questioning the character of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel after a tweet she sent out on Sunday showing her taking a shot at the Detroit St. Patrick's Parade in Corktown.

Her tweet was met with almost immediate backlash with many deeming it inappropriate.

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Nessel then deleted the post, but she quickly doubled down and reposted it saying everyone except certain people should be willing to toss back a shot at Detroit's St. Patrick's Parade.

The tweet was not sent out on her official attorney general page but her personal account associated with her campaign.

Some are saying the tweet was discriminatory.

"What she did was place a micro-aggression in a tweet," Dr. Deirdre Pitts a professor of Diversity Equity and Inclusion at Oakland University's Medical School said.

In her opinion singling out protected groups is a big no no.

"She needs to recognize what she put in the tweet was harmful and hurtful and apologize immediately because the comments were offensive," she said.

When Nessel reposted her tweet she made sure to single people out. In her tweet, she wrote:

"If you aren't willing to have at least 1 shot of Jameson at the Detroit St. Patrick's Day Parade, you are:

1) Under age
2) Driving
3) A recovering alcoholic
4) Muslim or Mormon
4) Doing it totally wrong

Come at me, people.

For everyone else, happy st. Patrick's day!"

This isn't Nessel's first social media post where she showcased her drinking habits.

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In the fall she admitted to being passed out at the University of Michigan vs. Michigan State game.

A picture surfaced on the internet of her in a slumped state.

Adolph Mongo says her republican challengers in the upcoming election could use these posts against her.

"If someone is running against it they've got a lot of ammunition," he said.

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On the other hand, Nessel is getting support from some. One person commented on her post saying "I find it refreshing to find a public official with a good sense of humor."

We reached out to her office for comment they say they had nothing to add.