Who's Hiring: Bemis Farms Preschool & Flame Heating and Cooling

Posted at 6:54 AM, May 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-26 06:54:21-04

SALINE, Mich. (WXYZ) — Two more companies are looking to add to their payroll, as Michigan's worker shortage continues to impact metro Detroit's economic recovery.

“If you’re coming into this field of child development, your heart is in it and you want it," said Director at Bemis Farms Preschool and Childcare, Kristine Lindemulder.

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Unlike a lot of the businesses we've heard from during the pandemic, Bemis Farms isn't facing major staff losses due to COVID according to Lindemulder. Still, Bemis Farms is eager to hire right now.

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“We had a couple of team members that were expecting so unfortunately working with children at this time wasn’t right for them, so they're plan on returning later on in life," she said.

For now, Bemis Farms is looking for a full time pre-k assistant teacher and a part-time infant-toddler teacher. The positions start between $10 and $14 dollars based on experience.

Ideal candidates to join Bemis Farms' team should be creative and of course, love to work with children.

“This is the only place where you can just sit and play with kids"

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A high school diploma or equivalent is required, but an associates in a field related to childhood development or education is preferred. Lindemulder also said they're looking for candidates willing to further their childhood development education.

Bemis Farms also offers extended care programs within the Lincoln Consolidated School System.

In addition to health benefits and paid professional development, Bemis offers childcare discounts to employees.

Interested candidates may apply through or contact Kristine directly at

Another area company looking to hire is Flame Heating and Cooling based on Warren.

“So just cause you say I don’t know anything. We’ll still take you," company president Gary Marowske told Action News.

Just this year Flame has launched a new internal training program for called Flame University; a chance to learn a trade and bring home a paycheck at the same time.

It's what's helping Ronnie Alexander build off of the skills he already has. The army veteran already had a base knowledge of the HVAC industry but now is on the road to becoming an installer. He started at Flame as an apprentice driver.

“This isn’t the field where you can just wake up and learn everything overnight," Alexander told Action News. “Doing that is the best thing cause it gave me like a really up-to-date accurate refresher of what’s going on.”

Alexander also works with a mentor every day while on the job. He'll graduate with Flame's inaugural class in three weeks.

Marowske hopes prospective hires see Flame University as a real growth opportunity.

“We learn their work ethic, they learn our culture. And within 12-24 months they’re out on their own in a truck making a good living," he said.

Right now Flame is looking to hire for technical support, installation, service technicians, and electricians. Entry level pay starts at around $14 and goes up based on experience and ability.

“You can start here, and sky’s the limit," Alexander said.

Interested candidates may apply online at or call 888-234-2340.