Baby and Toddler Mealtime Must-Haves

Posted at 5:04 AM, Jun 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-07 08:30:35-04

Parenting would be a whole lot easier if we didn’t have to feed the kids, right? Carly Dorogi from Capital M Media shared some products that ensure mealtime has less stress and less mess:

1) Sprout Foods 
Product: ​New stage 2 plant power pouches $1.37, New stage 3 plant power pouches  $1.62, Quinoa puffs - 2 of each flavor $2.40, Crinkles - 3 bags of each flavor $2.40,  Curlz - 2 boxes of the multipack; Multipack is $2.99 but the canisters are $2.40, Crispy  Chews - 6 boxes of the Orchard Fruit and Carrot $3.20  

● Sprout is a maker of wholesome, organic baby and toddler food products, including ready-to-eat purees and snacks- the very first brand to launch baby food in a pouch.   

● Sprout recipes are made only with real, honest, and pure ingredients that are USDA certified organic and non-GMO.  

● A leader in true innovation, Sprout was the first brand to launch a complete line  of Plant Powered purees and snacks, with vegetable-based protein from organic  chickpeas, lentils & beans.      

2) CollapseAndGo  

Product: ​Collapsabottle - Collapsible Baby Bottle - Retails for $20 (currently on  Kickstarter for only $12), Collapsacup - Collapsible Sippy Cup - Retails for $20  (currently on Kickstarter for only $12)  Discount: Use code WATCHANDGO10 for 10% off  

● PATENTED, FIRST OF ITS KIND, REVOLUTIONARY baby bottle and sippy  cup that collapses to be as thin/small as a hockey puck that  fits easily into  your pocket  

● The baby bottles and sippy cups are made out of food-grade silicone, BPA  free, lead free, etc. and won't crack, stain, mold resistant, and you can even  put them in the dishwasher!   

● The baby bottles convert straight to a sippy cup, without having to buy another cup! You simply just buy the transition nipple and the sippy cup  attachment piece. 
3) Nummy 
 Product: ​Nummy Bowl - $19.99   

● The Nummy Bowl’s super-strong hidden suction cup secures it tightly to any  high chair or table, reducing tipped bowls and cleanup.   

● The caregiver can easily suction and release the bowl with one hand, and the  bowls stack so the caregiver can carry multiple bowls at the same time.  

4)  Travel Tray 

Product: ​Travel Tray (various colors) $14.99  Discount: Use code ‘Traveltray’ for 20% off at ​​. Expires 06/30/2018  

● Travel Tray® gives your child easy independent access to their snacks, toys  & drink so parents can stay focused on the road.    

● Travel Tray® fits easily into any cup holder, it's great for adults(mom/dad)  too- we all get hungry in the car  

● Parents are always on the go, so we’ve ensured that the surface is easy to  wipe clean with a wet wipe, as well as being top-rack dishwasher safe. Made  in USA, using BPA, PHT and PVC free products.         


5)  BrilliBaby Cup Catcher 

Product: ​Cup Catcher Single - $9.99, Cup Catcher Twin Pack - $14.99  Discount: Use code JUNE15 for 15% off through the month of June  

● Cup Catcher catches the cup, keeps it close and clean! It can also loop  through toys and teethers.  

● Dishwasher safe - simply throw in the dishwasher every night!   

● We are the only cup/toy tether patented for safety to reduce the risk of  constriction.  The zig zag shape does not create a planar surface.  


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