Candidate for judge drops out, admits he's used cocaine and says he's innocent of drug trafficking

Posted at 6:33 PM, Jun 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-29 18:33:19-04

Paul Zyburski is saying a lot and only saying it to 7 Action News. He talks with 7 Investigator after being charged by the feds with using a phone for drug trafficking.  He was one of 4 candidates running for District Judge in Roseville and Fraser. 

Zyburski is 57 and has 30 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney.  He says he would have won the race. “My position is yes, I’m retiring from all of this nonsense, period.  And that includes the race, I’m definitely withdrawing. It has nothing to do with this case,” he says.  Kiertzner asked if he ever bought cocaine.  “Yes, yes the answer is yes. Surprisingly, shockingly, yes.”

Zyburski says the feds are charging him to flip him and use him to go after corrupt politicians in Macomb County because he’s supposedly been a bag man.  “Delivering outfit money for political influence, AKA the mob AKA the mafia.  It’s completely unwarranted, unfounded and untrue.”

Zyburski was charged because he was intercepted in calls and texts to an alleged cocaine dealer who was wire tapped by the feds.  Zyburski says the feds may be interested in other parts of his life.  “I’ve got a wealth of information to offer yes. There’d be people shaking in their boots right now.  However, most of that is privileged and you can read about that in the book I’m writing.”

Zyburski was ordered to have a psychological exam while he’s out on bond.  He says he’s innocent of the charge and won’t predict where his case may be going with the feds.