Larry Nassar survivors urging MSU board members to fire MSU president

Survivors urging MSU board to fire president
Posted at 5:18 PM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 17:18:02-04

More than 100 survivors of Larry Nassar have banned together to sign a note urging Michigan State University board members to fire Interim President John Engler.

Last week the The Chronicle of Education published emails between Engler and MSU’s Vice President Carol Vivent. The emails state that survivors of Nassar and being manipulated by trail lawyers, and that Rachel Denhollander, one of the first to speak out again Larry Nassar, is likely receiving kickbacks from her attorney.

“I find it vile and disgusting because in terms of what he said about me, what he really is saying is I’m taking the pain of these women and I’m manipulating it for personal gain,” Denhollander told 7 Action News.

Engler has stated he will not be stepping down as president, and did not issue an apology. Denhollander says even if he did apologize, it would not be enough.

“An apology at this point is not good enough- because that’s what Engler really, truly thinks and his mindset is not going to change,” said Denhollander.

A letter signed by 120 survivors addressed each of the six sitting MSU board members to fire Engler at an upcoming board meeting, scheduled for Friday, June 22nd. Survivors of Larry Nassar are expected to attend the meeting.

“What John Engler says and thinks about me is my absolute last priority, what he is saying and doing to these women and to sexual assault survivors as a whole, that’s what has me so deeply concerned,” said Denhollander.

“Really want it lays bare is that John Engler hates these women. He hates Rachel Denhollander, he hates these survivors and he hates them because they have the audacity to speak up,” said Denhollander’s lawyer John Manly.