Lincoln Park mom turns into detective to locate bike stolen from her 6 year old son

Posted at 9:42 PM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-26 22:39:38-04

A downriver mother turned into a detective in order to find her son's stolen bike.

Mellisa Helka purchased a brand new bike for son Aaden Hardy's 6th birthday. But before the 6-year-old could really enjoy his gift, his bike was taken from his porch over the weekend.

After the theft, Helka noticed the blue and yellow mountain bike with a black seat pop up for sale on Facebook. The photo of Aaden's bike was shown with a posting that read, "my brother got a bike for sale."

Helka offered to purchase the bike for $20. She also called the police to see if they'd help since she had already filed a police report. But by the time she had decided to retrieve the bike on her own, the thief stopped returning messages. 

Helka said they may have caught wind of her search, which was posted on a few Facebook community pages. 

"I just want the bike," Helka said. "I just want his bike. I don't care about anything else." 

The family says the bike cost around $300. Similar bikes have also been stolen around the neighborhood. 

Lincoln Park police are investigating, and they added that you can register your bike in case it does get stolen and pops up at a pawn shop or somewhere else.