Sister and friend of potential victims in Macomb County cold case speak out

Posted at 7:17 PM, May 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-09 19:17:32-04

Brenda Handloser lives with the pain of not knowing what happened to her beloved sister Nadine O'Dell.

"I remember Nadine. One day she was there and one day she was gone," she says.

Now, after decades have passed, she believes the search of a Macomb County field could give her family answers.

"I believe she will be found.. she's coming home. I just feel it," she says.

Nadine, according to investigators, could be one of up to 6 girls who were buried at that site by convicted murderer Arthur Ream.

Nadine disappeared in the mid-70s from Inkster while on her way to babysit her boyfriend's siblings.

"I know she's dead .. I know that .. I just want to bring her home," says Handloser.

Someone else who feels the agony of missing someone is Carrie Oswald.

She was best friend's with Kellie Brownlee, who was last seen at Twelve Oaks Mall back in 1982. Kellie was 17 and living in Walled Lake.

Oswald now lives in Ohio.

"I miss her laugh. I always thought we'd create memories together .. but it was cut short," she says.

Police say Kellie could also be buried at that Macomb County site.

"You start to wonder .. will we ever find her? Will we ever bring her home? It's almost like, thank God. My prayers might be answered this time around," she says.

"I want closure and peace for her and all the other families," says Oswald.