Macomb County man invents the 'key' to keeping your hands clean in public

Posted at 2:35 PM, Jun 26, 2018

For all you germaphobes out there, a Macomb County man may have solved your problems … or at least a few of them.

Ever stop in a public restroom, soap up good, only to find an air dryer? Lots of restaurants and public restrooms have opted for the eco-friendly air dryer, but what about the moment you have to open the bathroom door with your freshly-washed hands?

Ken Kolb had been thinking about that same scenario when he came up with the Kooty Key.

The Kooty Key is a hook-like product made from reinforced, antimicrobial plastic. It easily attaches to keys or a purse so the user can grab it, take hold of a handle and open a door – all without actually touching the surface and coming in contact with germs.

There is also a touch tool on the apparatus that gives the user the ability to push keypads and buttons. You can even take the Kooty Key to the casino, pull the lever and bet on your favorite slots.

And the product is completely Michigan-made and manufactured in Chesterfield.

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