Metro Detroit mom of 3 says landlord left them to live in deplorable conditions

Posted at 1:17 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 13:17:44-04

Shannon Mann's apartment is priced at only $500 a month, but she says it's still not worth the headache its causing. 

In November, she signed a lease with a local landlord named Ruby Mclean, but when she moved in, she says, so did the problems.

She showed 7 Action news the fungus-like growth on her kitchen walls. Mann says she’s asked the landlord to remove it and in response was told... "it’s just mold all you have to do is put bleach on it."

Elsewhere, the windows don't open, seemingly painted shut, signaling a major fire hazard. There are ceiling leaks, so bad she says, that "when it rains the whole kitchen floor is wet," says the tenant. 

At the bathroom sink, the drainage pipe is so unsteady, it actually falls apart, leaving her with water leaking out on the other side. 

Very soon, the tenant may not have water at all. Mann has received a notice threatening a water shut off by Friday, if an outstanding $700 plus isn’t paid. 

Her repair requests ignored, Mann says she stopped paying the rent two months ago and has been served an eviction notice. 

But the mom of three is worried about who may move in next. 7 Action News got on the case, reaching the landlord for answers. 

Mclean denied any wrongdoing, saying the problems instead were caused by the tenant. 

7 Action News also reached out to the city of Highland Park and learned the landlord is behind on taxes and was previously served a housing violation in October of last year for failing to register it as a rental.  

Highland Park tells 7 Action News an inspector will be out to take a look at the home this week. 


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