Monroe area residents see worst flooding since 1970s

Posted at 6:05 PM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 18:27:25-04

It’s the worst flooding areas of Monroe County have seen since the 70s.

And while most are in the clean up phase, some of the worst hit places like Frenchtown Township's Stoney Pointe neighborhood were still under water as of Tuesday morning.

Severely flooded areas were evacuated, but 7 Action News found one woman who chose to stay despite the rising waters.  

Charlotte Janoski grew up on Stoney Pointe Peninsula and says the flooding hasn't been this bad since the 70s. This time she says the flooding seemed to happen in an instant and she's been trapped in her home since Sunday morning when her house became and island.

Thanks to at least four water pumps brought in on Tuesday morning, her porch steps are no longer under water. 

“This is nothing now, they’ve been pumping all morning here,” Janoski said.  “About two hours ago a little grass popped up and now you can see more." 

For two full days, no one got into Janoski's home, and she couldn’t get out. 

“The fire department will come get you if you call," she said. "They’ll take you out, but they won’t bring you back. And you don’t really want to leave because you’re afraid looters in canoes could come take what they wanted."

Many neighbors took that risk, evacuating as rising waters carried trash bins, drowned cars, trucks and vans, threatening to reach the main floor of the elevated waterfront homes. 

If the pumps continue to do their job the streets should be open soon so the long process of clean up and damage repair can begin.