Public reacts to plans for Adell Center with restaurants, hotels on land of former Novi Expo

Posted at 5:10 PM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-11 17:31:19-04

Last week we told you about plans for the Adell Center, turning a vacant lot into a place for hotels, restaurants and a gym in Novi.

Now, we’re talking with folks who are sounding off about building on this land.

Tayler Frye works in Novi.

She said she's, “seeing the traffic we have out here all the time is just brutal.”

Traffic was the biggest issue folks had when it comes to building the Adell Center off of Novi Road.

“I came from Troy, I feel like it’s worse than Troy now,” said Elizabeth Scavnicky.

She moved here six years ago and has seen more and more congestion.

“We have so much traffic, it’s horrendous,” Scavnicky said.

The vacant area is the old Novi Expo Center.

It is zoned for an expo but the owner is presenting plans to city officials tonight to change the zone, paving the way for the Adell Center, which includes two hotels, restaurants, a gym and indoor skydiving.

“There’s so much already to do here in Novi so I wonder why we need to increase the load,” Scavnicky said. 

Jillian Powell also works in Novi.

“The area has grown so much since I was a kid,” she said.

Many agreed on social media but Charles West tweeted:
“The choice is either a vacant lot or businesses which will create jobs and help the local economy. Why is this even a debate?”

Some folks point out new housing developments in and around the area, saying more residents mean more folks traveling through Novi for the attractions already in place.

“All is the shops, all of the restaurants, they’re building a brand new neighborhood a couple miles that way," Powell added. "I’m just like, oh my goodness.”

The owner of the land will present his plans at a public hearing tonight at city hall.